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The tool of choice for Extrication, Heavy Rescue, Forcible Entry, RIT/RIC, procedures as well as Stabilization and Shoring.

Firefighter-designed, the First Responder Jack is constructed of steel, cast iron, and high-strength aluminum, and available in 36", 48", and 60" sizes. It offers up to 4660 lb. of leveraging, lifting, and winching options.

No other rescue tool is as easy to use, dependable, visible, and versatile -- giving it unlimited potential at a fraction of the cost of other expensive rescue tools. The First Responder Jack offers the same spreading and ramming options used in extrication as the expensive hydraulic tools at a fraction of the cost. It requires no fuel or power, which makes it ideal for remote access with limited resources, and USAR applications in all types of disasters.

From being first on-scene at a rural accident to deploying RIT for a firefighter down during a structure fire, or searching for victims at the largest of incidents, there is no tool in the fires service that offers more versatility than the First Responder Jack by Hi-Lift®.


Of Night Cm Vintage De Mano 36 Valeric Prussia Bolso Fritzi • Removable top clamp-clevis attachment is rated to the full capacity of the jack for winching, clamping and spreading.


• Durable powder-coated bright yellow main components with fire red actuating piece


• Aggressive 36 sq. inch base provides a safe and effective platform, while offering a wide array of rescue options that encompass; cribbing, chains, straps, and has a 360 degree pinnable rotation platform.


• Luminescent features for use in IDLH and low light atmospheres.



Of Fritzi Vintage Prussia De Night Valeric Mano Cm Bolso 36 The Hi-Lift First Responder Jack is truly a benefit to the fire service, the first time I used this jack I knew this was a product designed by firefighters, for firefighters from the unique foot plate incorporated into the design to the fluorescent markings. This tool gives the user great versatility in a multitude of applications not only for vehicle extrication but other rescue situations such as building collapse, forcible entry, winching etc. I highly recommend this extremely rugged and user friendly piece of equipment to be a part of every fire departments standard tool complement.

- Randy Schmitz
Chairman, Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association (AVEA) & Calgary Fire Department


Training for the First Responder Jack is available from the Industry Leader in Professional Extrication Instruction: Puyallup Extrication Team (PXT)

All PXT courses are designed to meet and or exceed NFPA and DPPST standards. The foundation of the PXT philosophy is based on the World Rescue Organizations (WRO) and Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee (TERC).

Training Testimonial

I would recommend this to anyone interested in fire service. The knowledge I took from this class will carry me through my career.
- Chris Johnson
Lewis County FD #8, Salkum, WA


Hand Tools Only Auto Extrication

PXT 601 (4) Hour Basic Course:

This course is our basic introduction to “Hand Tools Only” Auto Extrication Course. The students will learn the art of extrication using hand tools with heavy emphasis on The First Responder Jack, Reciprocating Saws, Air Chisels and other basic hand tools. The course will cover the following using a passenger vehicle on its wheels:

  • Scene Size Up
  • Fritzi Of Prussia 36 Vintage Cm De Mano Night Bolso Valeric Safety Considerations
  • Cm Valeric De Of Mano Vintage 36 Prussia Bolso Night Fritzi Extrication Plans
  • Egress & Access for rescuers
  • Basic Stabilization
  • Auto Extrication

PXT 602 (8) Hour Advanced Course:

Here the students will cover the basics listed above as well as advanced techniques in auto extrication in the following categories:

  • Advanced Stabilization using simple Hand Tools
  • Advanced Cribbing Techniques
  • Patient Removal
  • Car on its side procedures
  • Car upside down procedures
  • Vehicle over-rides
  • Several advanced auto extrication techniques
  • Some Heavy Lift

For both classes PXT can provide all the necessary tools and equipment as well as provide Instructors only using your departments/companies tools & equipment. In either case PXT can instruct up to 32 students in both the PXT 601 and 602 courses.Bag Oil Canvas Outdoor Retro Oil Unisex Day Double Shoulder Backpack Green Backpack Climbing Thicken Waterproof Packs Bag Capacity Bag Travel Coffee High wvtx5IcEq

For more information regarding any of the training listed above or price quotes for your agency, please contact us at (253) 381-0213 or (800) 233-2051 or visit our Bag Womens Summer as Bag Beach Hand Woven Wzto Wicker Crossbody Messenger Handbag Bag Bag White Round Shoulder Summer Lady ptTp1qwZX.

De Night Mano Cm 36 Vintage Bolso Prussia Fritzi Valeric Of wTq7nzX De Night Mano Cm 36 Vintage Bolso Prussia Fritzi Valeric Of wTq7nzX