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Chorro 100's [IJ008]

by Braqueberry

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‘Chorro100’s’ is the seventh EP reference on Iberian Juke’s netlabel and its signed by Braqueberry, who already released other EPs like ‘Wemen’ on Brillantine (Toronto), with remixes of Ghosts On Tape and Mike Q, or ‘Bass Materialist’ on japanese label Tanukineiri (with a remix from Foodman). He’s also half part of the catalan duo Olde Gods alongside JMII (Hivern Discs, Aster) and uses his aka Guillamino for his main solo Project.
Its premiere on our label brings together the most experimental cuts released so far. With influences from Oldschool / Hardcore and percusive elements from Chicago Footwork, mixed with synthetic and nostalgic melodies reminiscent of a “James Blake high on Diacepan”.
The EP consists of 5 tracks where polyrhythms, dissonances and spatial effects are the driving elements. Blended with funky, Synth Pop and vocal sounds, he creates mysterious and complex environments that relates to a different story with each song.


released May 23, 2017

Reference: Iberian Juke 008 (IJ008)
Mastering: Stay Puft (@bsnposse)
Artwork: Takumi Tomita ( takumitomita.com)
All tracks composed by Braqueberry
Distributed by Symphonic Distribution




Iberian Juke Spain

▶ Juke, Footwork, Jungle, Guettotech ... and all about 160 bpm's

▶ Contact: iberianjuke@gmail.com


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